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Walk On Glass

If you are looking for a magnificent and impressive bold addition to your renovation project, a walk-on glass floor will be the perfect touch.

Creating natural light in our home or commercial building can often be restricted or limited depending on how the property is structured and restricted planning permissions. 

There are various ways that architects will use to open up a closed off space by creating open plan, adding in bigger windows and large folding doors.

When it comes to hidden rooms such as basements and cellars the options are limited, however, walk on glass has become a very popular feature to ensure light is penetrated up and down between floors creating an open concept and showcasing your hidden gem. 


Walk on glass floors are most effective when located near another major light source such as a patio or bi fold door or directly below a roof light. This will take full advantage of the light that is streaming through.

Structural glass flooring can be installed in many scenarios such as on roofs, well coverings, in kitchens or patios showcasing a wine cellar for example.

Our highly durable and safe walk on glass floors are manufactured to UK Regulations and are bespoke to your project requirements.

Our expert team will work with you to get the right glass panels for your project and become a main talking point. 


Many different options available from frame, glass and finish


Well-chosen and fitted glass floors look stunning.


Modern glass is very resilient making it extremely safe.


Our walk on glass comes in different glass finishes. Opaque, Clear and Anti Slip


Introducing glass flooring brings more natural light into your home


Easy to clean and bring back to a shine.

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Additional Information

Glass floor panels are built by laminating two to three of tempered glass together and they are then placed into a specifically manufactured supporting structure around the joints. Most experts would say that glass flooring can have 2 times the strength and support of a wooden floor.

outside. Recently, walk on glass has been very popular for external purposes especially when incorporating LED lighting around the panelling and using coloured glass.

Walk on glass is made with either a sandblasted or patterned ceramic top surface which provides a non-slip surface, even when the glass is wet.

For installations in the UK, a guideline to minimum loading specification for walk on glass floors can be found in NBS. If you are at all unsure about the details of UK building regulations in relation to walk on glass floors consult one of our experts for their advice and expertise

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Our Architectural walk on glass and glass panels are handcrafted and bespoke to your project and with a wide range of styles available.

They are ideal for indoor and outdoor purposes, therefore making them a great feature piece to showcase your space.

There is many options available from the glass and style, to the fittings, and also with or without frames.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and see how our expert team can help you get the right walk on glass for your project.

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