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Glass Worktops

The aesthetic of your worktop will dominate your kitchen design and capture the attention of anyone who walks into your home. A change to your worktop can completely transform your home’s aesthetic, not to mention boost your property value, which is why glass worktops are the ideal solution for kitchen surfaces.

Beyond its gorgeous appearance, our glass worktops are specially treated and chemically resistant to kill germs on your surfaces. That means your worktops will remain beautiful for years to come without the appearance of wear and tear, and they’ll also be easier to disinfect, as germs won’t be able to lodge themselves in the scratches.

Our glass worktops are designed to be tough but stylish. They can take up to 400ºC and resist impact, plus they can be customized in a wide range of colours and designs to fit your personal preference! This lightweight, quick-to-install glass worktop is a perfect way to transform your kitchen with a practical and functional feature.


Well-chosen and fitted glass balustrades look stunning.


Introducing glass balustrades brings more natural light into your home


Modern glass is very resilient making it extremely safe


Easy to clean and bring back to a shine.

The different options..

When it comes to glass worktops there is many available options to suit your kitchen and budget. Our team of experienced sales specialists and fitters will go through all your options and help you decide what will work best for your new kitchen.

All of our glass worktops are heat resistant up to 400f and are durable, meaning they are made from toughened glass, so if you accidentally drop something like a pan or utensil, it wont break. 

They can also come in a slim profile of 10mm up to 16mm giving your worktop that sleek look

We have listed some of the different styles and also take a look at our portfolio to see some of the amazing glass worktops we have installed for our customers. 

  • Scratch Resistant Glass

  • Glossy Plain Colour

  • Printed Designs

  • Matt, Satin or Gloss

  • Island Worktops

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Our Glass Balustrades are handcrafted and bespoke to your project. Glass balustrades are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. There is many options available from the glass and style to fittings, and also with or without frames.

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