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Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are a very smart addition to any domestic or commercial project creating the illusion of more space and more natural light when installed indoors. Glass balustrades come in many different styles, complementing all styles of interior and exterior design. 

Balustrades are panels that provide a barrier or fence, sometimes with supporting posts (balusters). They are typically used on balconies, staircases, terraces or decking areas. Glass can be used as an effective wind breaker on a balcony or decking area without impeding your view. 

A well chosen and fitted glass balustrade looks fantastic with its sleek look, their clean lines and transparent borders allowing uninterrupted views of your room or garden.

Glass balustrades can be fully framed, partially framed or frameless. You can choose from a range of glass colours and types, such as tempered, textured, curved, frosted or patterned. They are available with or without a handrail and can be fixed using posts or a channel. This versatility allows glass balustrades to enhance any style of surrounding

As well as being stylish and sophisticated, modern glass is extremely resilient. While wood requires regular staining and can corrode over time, glass ages slowly and any slight changes are barely noticeable to the naked eye. Glass balustrades can last for decades, retaining the beauty and safety they had when they were first installed.

Today’s technology makes it possible to make glass that is extremely safe. Thick, tempered safety glass can withstand any conditions and is very difficult to break. Even in the unlikely event that it did break, it would not shatter into sharp shards

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  • Glass Balustrades

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Many different options available from frame, glass and finish


Well-chosen and fitted glass balustrades look stunning.


Introducing glass balustrades brings more natural light into your home


Glass Balustrades can be used as an effective wind breaker on a balcony or decking


Modern glass is very resilient making it extremely safe


Easy to clean and bring back to a shine.

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