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Bespoke Roof Lights and Roof Lanterns..Which one is for me?

Roof lights and roof lanterns both make a fantastic choice for creating gorgeous lighting in your home. There are benefits to both lighting styles, and of course, there are some differences, so read on to discover which could be the best for your situation.

The Designs

If you have a modern build, then roof lights could be the perfect solution for your flat roof windows. They are lightweight with clean lines that have a modern contemporary look which will fit really well with the rest of your architecture.

The up-stand on roof lights is only about 15cm, so they won’t obstruct any other upstairs windows and aren’t seen from outside. However, in buildings with older architecture, something more Victorian, a roof lantern could be the better solution. They fit better with the style of the building and create a gorgeous look overall.

If you have a flat roof extension that is only a single story, you need to consider the height of the roof lantern and ensure it’s not blocking any second flooring.

The Ambience

If you’re simply looking to provide the brightest light solution possible, roof lights could be best for you. They create unbroken shafts of light which really brighten up a small or poorly let space.

You also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of shapes which changes the way even more that you can use the light given out. For example, a long thin roof light creates a waterfall-like effect cascading the light, whereas around roof light generates a pooled effect. Because of the design offered by roof lanterns, you will find the light more broken up because of the intersections.

This is definitely more of a mood lighting creative solution; of course, it will provide light for practical reasons, but it wins in creating an atmosphere.

The cost impact

There isn’t a massive difference in cost; however, the flat roof lights generally come in a little cheaper. An often-overlooked benefit of roof lights is they actually create an insulation layer, so there can actually be savings on your heating bill from an ongoing cost point of view.

In addition, your roof light can actually prevent heat escaping in winter and generate more warmth from the sun when it’s available. The installation time involved in having lanterns is something you need to take into consideration.

Roof lanterns do not come pre-assembled, so this will be done at the time of installation, which generally means the cost and length of time increases because your professional fitter will be onsite for longer.

In order to get the best from your roof Lantern, you also want to pay for the most experienced installation company that you can find, as this does affect how the product looks at the end.


Both of these are modern solutions for creating the best light. Generally, it just comes down to the style of building and personal choice as to which one will be the product you choose to install.